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"How I spent my time at Transmigration Academy" or "Transmigration" for short gives the player free rein to play how they want for an hour. 

Set in a world full of hybrid and mythological creatures, the protagonist, Orcen Drix, is a young necromancer who has 1 hour left before his "advancement exam" in which 2 students battle to advance to the next grade in school.

After discovering all his "contracts" have been stolen, you are free for 1 hour to forge new contracts with spirits around the school,  learn new spells in the Library, or to find your stolen contracts and recover them.

  With a battle system inspired by card games like Hearthstone, the battles in this RPG allows you to summon your spirits into battle much like summoning a 2/2 creature in Magic.

Enjoy or don't, it all depends on how you spend your time playing.

(Multiple playthroughs is encouraged.)


TransMigration.zip 408 MB

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